What’s different about Solar Direct Canada and the system they install?

I will start by stating up front that we are not the cheapest system on the market. We can’t be. Someone is always willing to cut corners to provide a cheaper system, and we know, from fixing competitor systems, exactly what those corners are.

If you don’t mind a leaky roof, if you don’t mind poor efficiency (and less revenue), if you don’t mind lack of warranty, then you’re fine with competitor systems. How can they afford to do this? Because they are usually only in business for a year or two and once the warranty issues pile up they close up shop. Bad for you but good for us because we get a lot of work fixing those systems.

Go spend less money and be content. As for us, we install a premium system. Period. If you want a KIA, go buy a KIA. If you want a BMW, come to us. I don’t know how else to state this.

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