Go Green

Go green! What’s a carbon footprint?

There is about 33,121 MegaWatts of installed electrical generation in Ontario’s electricity market. The breakdown looks like this:

Approximately 33% of our energy in Ontario comes directly from burning fossil fuels, both major contributors to Greenhouse Gases (GHG). In fact, coal emits 2 to 3 times more GHG than Natural Gas. “The combustion of coal contributes the most to acid rain and air pollution, and has been connected with global warming…” (Source: Wikipedia).

Installing alternative energy sources in your own home will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuel power plants and help the ennvironment by reducing the amount of polluting GHG. Simple systems such as Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems can reduce your hot water energy consumption by up to 60%, potentially saving the ennvironment from tons of carbon gases.

Do your part in preserving the natural beauty, health, and cleanliness of the environment. Take advantage of the natural energy that is all around you every day. Consider a solar solution for your home and enjoy the benefits of clean energy for yourself and for generations to come.