Generate your own electric power from the sun to reduce your energy bills and protect yourself from future electricity cost increases while contributing to a clean and sustainable energy future.

There are some restrictions and it doesn’t work for every property but most Ontario home-owners can generate some or all of their electricity from their own rooftops using modern solar technology. The Ontario net-metering program makes this possible.

Our team at SolarDirectCanada has been helping homeowners generate their own power for years. We have been in business since 1990 and you can count on us to be there when you need us in the future.

We can provide a free assessment of your home and give you a detailed report on your rooftop’s potential.  Contact us today and we can answer any questions you have.

Net Metering

Net metering systems allow you to generate some or all of the electricity you use on an annual basis.  When your system produces more energy than you are using, the excess power goes to the grid.  Your hydro company credits you for this supply and offsets future consumption when you are using more power than your system is generating.  This can bring your annual electricity cost down to near $0.

Roof Mounted Systems

Roof mounted systems are generally the most cost-effective and make good use of space you are otherwise not using.  They can have the added benefit of lowering attic temperatures potentially extending shingle life and reducing air-conditioning costs.

Ground Mount Systems

Ground mount systems are appropriate where shading or other limitations make roof mount impractical.  They have advantages such as optimizing panel orientation and allow clearing snow off the panels without ladders and/or roof rakes.


Now is a fantastic time to install solar panels on your home.   Most clients take advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Loan which is interest free for 10 years.  This dramatically reduces the initial cost of an installation,  making solar an attractive and affordable investment for nearly all home owners.

Contact us today and we will model your potential savings based on your specific property and energy use profile.

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Hybrid Systems

Hybrid solar energy systems incorporate battery backup into your solar installation.   It helps you conserve energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and provide backup power in an outage or emergency, giving you peace of mind.  It also allows you to load shift to take advantage of time-of-use energy rates.

Solar Direct Canada

Micro-Fit Upgrades

Are you currently holding an early microFIT contract with annual revenue below $15,000?

We have solutions to significantly increase your earnings. By adding more affordable solar panels, we can boost your power output and optimize energy yield.

Our expert team will also address common issues like rodent damage, improper wiring, and component failures that may be costing you thousands each year. Early contracts with an 80 cent rate typically recoup upgrade costs within 2 to 4 years!

Contact us for a system review and explore upgrade options.


Need to reroof but your roofer insists on removing your solar panels first?

Our expert technicians will handle the professional removal of your solar panels, racking, mounts, and related hardware, allowing for a seamless roof reshingling process.

Rest assured, we conduct thorough inspections of all hardware during removal to identify any damage or signs of wear. If any issues are detected, we’ll promptly repair or replace the affected components. Additionally, we can offer recommendations for potential improvements or upgrades that may benefit you.

Once your roof is successfully restored, we’ll reinstall all the hardware, thoroughly test the system, and ensure it’s fully operational.

Contact us now for a complimentary project quotation and let us assist you.


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EV Charging

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