Upgrade your early Microfit system

Do you have an early microFIT contract? Are you earning $15,000 a year or more from it? If not, depending on your roof and the version of contract we may be able bump up your revenue significantly.

How is this possible? Back in the early days of microFIT panels were very expensive so most people installed a little over 10kW of panels in their 10kW system. No one wanted a single watt to go to waste and if you installed too many panels then occasionally some of the power is wasted. The problem is that even on a good day 10kW of panels will struggle to put out even 8kW’s of power.

Now that panels cost a quarter what they did in 2010 it makes sense to load up the DC side of your system. By adding more panels we can raise your power curve and even if your system can’t use all the power all the time it still makes economic sense.

There are also other techniques we can use that will increase your energy yield while still staying within the constraints of your contract.

Additionally, some systems were poorly designed and poorly installed by inexperienced personnel. Inherent problems may be costing you thousands of dollars per year. Some of the common problems we have seen are,

• Rodent damage
• Improper wire or cable
• Incorrect string sizing
• Cracked panels
• Ungrounded arrays
• Unflashed roof penetrations
• Loose or dangling wires
• Improper wire connections
• Blown fuses
• Failed micro-inverters

Give us a call and we can review your system to make sure it is performing as it was supposed to. We can also review any upgrade options that are applicable to your system. For early contracts with an 80 cent contract the upgrades usually pay for them selves in 2 to 4 years.