What is the maximum amount of solar electricity I can generate for my home?

Of course! Your home’s solar electricity generation capacity depends on factors like the size and efficiency of your solar panel system, as well as local sunlight conditions. Unlike a fixed limit on total kWh production, the amount of excess electricity you can feed back into the grid at once is often restricted by utility regulations. …

Can I put solar panels on two sides of my roof?

Absolutely! Solar panels can be installed on multiple sides of your roof, even on all four if needed. We have seen cases where east/west facing panels collectively generate more power throughout the day than panels on just a south-facing roof.

Under net-metering, will I be credited for power at the same rate the utility charges me for it?

This all depends on the utility. All utilities have different billing structures. In most cases there is a small difference. One example is that they will charge you HST but will not credit it back if you do not have an HST number which most home owners do not have. For the portion of the …

I would really like to get a solar system but I can only afford 1 or 2 panels. Is it worth it?

Probably not. With a grid-tied solar system the first panel that goes on the roof will probably cost about $7,000 due to all the permits, fees and other overhead costs. There are a lot of costs that are the same regardless if you are installing one panel or fifty. Every panel that goes on the …

Are there any tax breaks or subsidies for solar in Ontario?

Sadly there are virtually no incentives or subsidies for solar in Ontario. This is at a time where every other form of energy is being subsidized by 25% by the Ontario Fair Hydro Act. For businesses there is the opportunity for accelerated depreciation but that is it.