I live on a farm. Is that okay?

Farm buildings are fantastic for roof-mounted systems. Large dairy or poultry operations may be able to install much larger systems too.

How do you find dealing with the Local Electrical Distrbution Company (LDC)?

Every power distribution company is different. The people at Halton Hills Hydro as well as Milton Hydro have been wonderfully supportive and we love working with them. Hydro One has also been very helpful to our efforts. At this time, most hydro companies in Ontario have had enough experience that the process is a smooth …

Will I have electricity when the grid power goes down?

The short answer is, probably not. The typical grid-tied system is designed to turn off if the grid goes down for safety reasons. That being said there are ways to have power when the grid goes down but honestly a generator would be a cheaper solution.

How long will the installation take?

It depends on the size of installation, the complexity of your roof, and any other factors around your home. However, you can figure approximately 2 to 3 days for the panel install and another day for the electricians.