Off-Grid Panels Now in Stock

We finally have 12V panels back in stock. We just recieved a skid of Sonali 100W panels. There has been alot of interest in 36 cell panels this Spring and we sold out early. We have had to turn down numerous enquiries because none of our distributors had them either.

You might ask, Why would anyone want a 100W panel when for a little more money you could get a 250W panel? If you are building a grid-tie system, you wouldn’t but if you want to charge a 12V battery you definietly need 36 cells. A regular 60 cell panel puts out 250W but that’s at 30V. If you try to charge a 12V battery, you will be getting less than 100w to the battery.

The same goes for 24 volts. In the heat of summer a regular panel is putting out about 26V which is not enough voltage to properly charge a 24V battery. Two of these 100W panels together or a 72 cell is what you would require.

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