Slew Drive, 12″

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12″ Slewing Drive with 24VDC motor

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These slew drives are brand new and are just surplus from when we manufactured dual axis solar trackers. These are priced at below cost. Compare at $3,000 in North America or $800 in China, plus shipping, customs and brokerage fee. These have multiple applications but are primarily used for cranes, solar trackers and other industrial purposes.

These are in stock at our Acton shop. We have a few left and when they are gone they are gone.


• Hour-glass worm for competitive gear contact and life, and static load capacity
• Multiple precision levels: variable backlash for customizable positioning accuracy
• Standard sealing and grease fill
• Ideal for dust and debris-prone enviro
• Key applications: PV Solar, Aerial Work Platforms, Truck Cranes, Marine Cranes

24VDC motor but could be used with other motors including hydraulic. The motor is equipped with a hall sensor if you wish to track position or speed.

• Slew drive ratio – 78:1
• Motor drive ratio – 234:1
• Final drive ratio – 18,252:1
• Weight – 60 kg
• Axial Load – 122,000 lbs
• Tilting Moment Torque – 40,000 ft/lbs

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 8 cm


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