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Mounting Kit -Dual 12V Panel
Date Added: Wednesday 10 June, 2015 Manufacturer: Sonali Solar
Rooftop Mounting Hardware for 2 - 12V Panels Fits all panels up to a width 27"(700mm) This kit consists of everything you need to mount two panels on almost any surface. 2 - Suntop rails 56" long 4 - 35mm End Clamps 4 - 3" L Feet 4 - 180mm Stainless Steel anchor bolts 2 - Mid clamps This is all the hardware that you will need to mount two panel on your roof or anywhere else you have something solid to attach it to. the clamps are top mounting and can be adjusted. The L feet can be adjusted left or right on the rail to line up with your supports. The lag bolts can be adjusted up and down to accommodate different roof heights Large Photo showing details....
12V/6V Sonali Off-grid 100W Panel
Date Added: Friday 17 April, 2015 Manufacturer: SolarDirectCanada
Sonali 12 Volt Off Grid Panel Especially designed for off-grid systems 36 Cell panel! Limited Quantity! This is a 36 cell panel and it has two major advantages over the normal 60 cell grid-tie panels. First off they can charge a 12V battery without any kind of boosting since their native voltage will match what is needed for 12V charging. If you put two of them in series then you can use them for 24V systems. The voltage profile of a 60 cell panel just doesn't lend itself to battery charging without expensive MPPT charge controllers. If you want to build an inexpensive off-grid system, this is the one. The second great feature of this panel is that we can actually ship it through normal couriers which we just can't do with a 60 or 72 cell panel. ››› Key Features...
ReneSola 260 Watt Polycrystaline Panel
Date Added: Friday 24 October, 2014 Manufacturer: ReneSola
ReneSola - 260 Watt Polycrystaline Solar Panel Breakthrough Pricing - Less than $1.20 per watt on a quality bankable panel! Limited Quantity! We have these available in limited quantity. These are left over from a much larger job that we just completed. This is a good quality panel in one of the most sought after sizes. Their warranty, purchased through PowerGuard specialty Insurance Services, is underwritten by the following three reputable investment grade insurance carriers: The 260 watt size is perfectly suited for string or micro-inverter based systems. Enphase recommends the 260 watt size for their M215 or M250 inverters. 260 Watts 8.3pm 30.1 Vpm Click Below for Product Documentation ...
PowerBright 400-24 Inverter
Date Added: Wednesday 12 December, 2012 Manufacturer: Power Bright
This is a small 400watt modified sine wave inverter that is designed tol run off a 24volt battery or battery bank. Being a modified sine wave inverter it will use very little power (2 - 3 watts) in standby mode and will run most electronic devices with no problem. •Anodized aluminum case provides durability & max heat dissipation •External, Replaceable 40 amp spade type fuses •Cigarette Lighter Plug + Power Plug •Built-in Cooling Fan •Overload Indicator •Power ON/OFF Switch •Continued Power400W •Peak Load Power Rate < 800W •Input DC Voltage Range 20-30V •No Load Current Draw < 0.1A •Output Frequency Range 60 +/- 3Hz •Output Voltage Range 117 +/- 10% •Max Power Efficiency > 90% •Max Outer Temperature < 65 C •Low Voltage Alarm Leve l21 +/- 0.5V •High Voltage Cut Off...
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 15 new products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>]